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Civic Engagement

Address the problems of your community through voting, volunteering, and staying informed of public issues.

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What is Civic Engagement?

Have you noticed issues of inequality that affect your family and friends on a daily basis? Civic engagement gives you the power to address these issues. Some examples of civic engagement include:

  • electing officials whose values align with yours

  • volunteering for organizations that address the issues you see

  • staying informed of what problems your community faces so that you can find ways to solve them


By doing these things and others, you can lead change in your community and improve the lives of those around you.


Discover ways you can get involved in your community using the resources below.


Register to vote, check your voter registration status, and find what's on your ballot with VOTE411.


Clean up parks, volunteer at a food bank, or find other opportunities to help your community.

Stay Informed

Get to know the issues that people face in your community so that you can talk about these problems with others and find solutions.

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