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David's Tree

We are so thankful to the community for donating their time and money to planting and maintaining the beautiful magnolia tree planted for David at Westside High School.

David's tree decorated for Christmas

Westside Wolf Band

David's tree was planted in July 2021 by Westside High School in memory of David Xavier Castro.  A teddy bear Magnolia, the tree is planted in the Westside Band Lot and overlooks the band as they have marching practice during the summer and fall semester.

Grow and Company

We appreciate Katherine Leary and her team at Grow and Company for the beautification they did around the tree this year.  David's tree continues to attract members of the community and students at Westside as a reminder to perform random acts of kindness.


Celebrate Kindness Rocks

On February 14, 2022, we celebrated what would have been David's 18th birthday by painting rocks around David's tree.  We hope to continue this tradition and encourage others to paint kindness rocks.

Band March-A-Thon

As the band marches off for its annual march-a-thon fundraiser, we decorate David's tree to encourage them to keep up the good work and have some fun.



We will continue to water and care for the tree with the generous support of parents and the community.  A special thanks to Bahman Sultani and the Ace Hardware at 14455 Memorial Drive in Houston for his donation towards David's tree.  With his support, the tree has maintained beautiful blossoms despite our hot and extremely dry summer

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