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Kindness Rocks!

Since February 14, 2022, we have celebrated David's birthday annually with the Westside community by painting rocks with encouraging, colorful messages for the community in an effort to spark joy and brighten someone's day.


How can a rock spark joy?

When we write inspirational messages in colorful paint on stones, we can brighten someone's day with words and phrases such as You are loved,
Love > Awkwardness, Chase your dreams, Hope, Smile, The world needs you, It’s ok to not be ok , Keep going, and Be the light.

Placement of rocks

Once rocks are painted, we encourage participants to take the rocks to the community leaving them in areas that get plenty of foot traffic where someone might notice them, such as a local park, a bench in town, or outside a community center.  Painted rocks are also a fun gift to give to cheer someone up or make someone's day.

For more ideas, go to


Celebrate Kindness Rocks

Find opportunities in your community where you can celebrate kindness.  You can really make someone's day!

Be Kind

Painting rocks and presenting them intentionally is one way to show kindness.  Remember to be thoughtful of everyone everyday.  Choose to be kind to others and see how we can make a difference in the world together.

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