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#RAKDavid: About Us

Why Random Acts of Kindness

In the wake of David's death, our family and so many others across Houston felt hopeless. David was a genuinely kind person who had a huge impact in the community he left behind. The world had one less light shining in it, and we wanted to find a way to bring his light back into the world. 

In discussing with each other and members of the community, we realized we needed hope again. As people post about buying food for those in need, volunteering their time for good causes, and reconnecting with distant friends and family, we see time and time again that David's light and kindness still exist in the world. Each of these acts of kindness help fill the David-sized hole left in his absence.

Though there are times the world seems dark, please know that light still exists. Also remember that you can be that light to someone else. You never know what the person sitting next to you is struggling with in their life. Choose kindness and help brighten the world.

Love >> Awkwardness

David, like many of us, often felt awkward. Several times, he shared feeling like he could never connect with people. He didn't know the right words to say. He would go to a social event and have a really hard time finding conversations to join. The voice in his head constantly told him he wasn't good enough.

One of the lessons his dad shared with him was that love >> awkwardness. Focus on doing something good for someone else. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. By finding ways to be kind to others, you brighten their day and overcome the negative self-talk that gets in your way. 


Check Out These RAKs!

Lilian P

Houston, TX

I follow Paul Castro on FB. July 6 is a day we have in common.   I try to do a RAK daily. Even more so now in memory of David.  I work in a hospital setting. One day there was an elderly gentleman, who was with his granddaughter in the cafeteria. They were getting something to eat.  I started a conversation with them and found out he was a MILITARY VET. They were waiting to visit a family member who was undergoing surgery.   I thanked him for his service to our country and I paid for their lunch.

Natalie Jones

Huatulco, Mexico

Spent a few hours picking up trash on the beaches

David and Martha Castro

San Antonio, TX

In remberance of our beloved grandson David we donated 2 envelopes with $$ to random individuals. We miss him dearly. Please continue to celebrate life and your acts of kindness. Make this a better world for all of us!

Natalie and David

Houston, TX

Have been collecting trash around neighborhood schools and bayou - this is yesterday’s collection

Neighborhood and Bayou Trash - Natalie Jones_edited.jpg


Houston, TX

For the past year I have been trying to tip $20 to anyone in need who helps. My apartment maintenance workers, random service workers, anyone who shows kindness and doesn’t get paid what they deserve. I like to take out cash and give it out to whoever David would think needs a little extra to get by.

Natalie and David

Houston, TX

Donated 2 couches to recently arrived family from Venezuela 
Donated a bed frame and bed to a young woman who arrived one month ago from Venezuela
Donated a bed and mattress last month to a family 


My Mom called me yesterday to tell me she did a random act of kindness for David. She was going to the Dr and she also has a broken toe and an elderly man in a wheel chair needed help and she wheeled him around the building to his appt. She said it made her day to help someone else.


San Antonio, TX

While in line at the coffee shop at work (a children's hospital) a man was having issues with his credit card. Me and two other employees who were waiting for our coffee offered to pay for his food/drink. He started to cry explaining how stressed he was about his child having surgery and having not one, but three people offer to pay for his coffee was overwhelmingly kind. 

Wendy Radford

Spring, TX

My students made #RAKDAVID "Kindness Rocks" to place into the community in hopes to spread joy and love!

Kindness Rocks - Wendy Radford.jpeg


Albuquerque, NM

Our family has a friend, Abe, who is in his early 30s and who happens to have Down Syndrome. For several years, Abe has had a tradition of performing random acts of kindness in honor of his birthday. This year, he has invited his friends to join him. His big project is to collect as many personal hygiene products as possible for Silver Horizons, an organization that helps struggling senior citizens. Today, in memory of David and in honor of Abe, I ordered lots of soap, toothpaste, and lotion!


Went to @dutchbroscoffee with my dear friend who follows Paul Castro also. We were able to bless someone else by picking up their order and Sandy being this gift card for a future Customer. The young lady when we told her who we were honoring said "I know him, I live next door to his grandparents!" Precious!! This was in July 6th the 1 year anniversary of the Castro family's tragedy!! 😢

DutchBros Coffee.jpeg

Yolanda A Romero

Bought a Whataburger gift card for a mom and 2 sons! It was the only place near where they were panhandling! I hope they used it.

Katie Blacmon

I found a perfectly serviceable walker with wheels about to be thrown out for trash. I rescued it and I'm going to find an organization or an individual who needs it!


With the permission of David’s parents, my friends donated $1,158 in David’s memory to JCAP, a nonprofit legal fund that helps to divert young people from a life of crime before they hurt others.


Houston, TX

So today is officially RAK Day (which should be every day). In honor of RAKDavid, I am writing Google reviews for small local businesses ❤️


Just wanted to share that small hope of joy.


Houston, TX

I have been taking my elderly neighbor to HEB every Sunday for the past five years and give her a big thanksgiving plate every year. She knows about David’s story and has clipped newspaper articles for me. She is from Boston and knows all about Staci and how she goes to Wellesley college and prays for your family every day. I am still so upset about David’s passing but I try my best to turn his life into an opportunity to spread love to those I cross paths with. It has given me perspective to stop and be patient and take care of the ones around me. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of David and your wonderful family. 

Natalie and David

Houston, TX

Have been picking up trash around West Briar MS and BBE while walking my dog. Cleaning it up one small bag at each walk 

Chuck Fattore

Houston, TX

I have made semi
monthly support payments to a young woman whom I have never met. I was made aware of her need to raise support for entering a mission field dedicated to supporting the physical and spiritual needs of college age young people.


Sacramento, CA

I volunteered at the Sacramento Food Literacy Center for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at their new facility. I stuffed gift bags (which included cookbooks!), set up tents, wiped down and dressed tables, moved chairs, and helped put up the balloon arch. I know David would have been focused on helping others and nothing else, and that's what I did. (Even thought it was 104 degrees and A LOT of work.)

Sacramento Food Literacy Center.jpg

Iraides Cifuentes

Spring, TX

A painted rock was left on my community mailbox with the #RAKDAVID.  My daughters teacher had her students paint rocks with a kind message and place it somewhere other people would see it.  

Iles Cifuentes Kindness Rocks.jpeg

Sperandio Family

Independence Pass, CO

While driving over Independence Pass in Colorado, we arrived at the Continental Divide to an orchestra teacher from NC with a flat tire from extreme damage to the side wall. Rick changed Erik’s tire for him and discovered the spare was very low on air. Erik needed to get down the pass to pick up his son near Twin Lakes who had been hiking the Colorado Trail. We flagged down some hikers from Lake Charles, LA who were on their way to a hard rock concert in the Tetons. Rick borrowed their air pump to inflate the tire and followed Erik down the pass to make sure he made it down on a spare. We had a nerve wracking moment when several deer ran across the road in front of Erik causing him to suddenly stop. Fortunately he avoided them.

Rick Sperandio changes tires.jpg

Colleen Kimball

Houston, TX

I heard a new family moved here from New Jersey and they don't know anyone. Their son will start middle school at the same public school as my son Danny. Danny is a kid every other kid loves. I invited the mom and her son to a playdate this weekend with me and Danny and some other families. Danny told me he will make sure this new boy has friends and will look out for him.

Katie Blacmon

I found 2 almost new dog kennels by the dumpsters at my apartment complex, and I found a rescue/foster person who wanted them for her rescue. I drove them to her.


I participate in an outdoor exercise class. Today, one member of our group felt faint. Another member and I took her home. One drove her car and I followed and we walked her in. She was so grateful, and wanted to repay us. I told her about RAK David. I told her to pay it forward in his memory.

Angela Stanford

Richmond, VA

I volunteer every Sunday at the SPCA giving comfort to the scared and needy pups in the no kill shelter. I specifically ask for special needs pups who are deaf, blind, and suffer from amputations due to neglect, injury or sometimes because of a debilitating illness. It is my hope that these special needs pups are sought out by fabulous adoptees that are looking to find their forever homes.


I also volunteer rocking the babies in the NICU that need that human contact so that they will eventually be able to go home with their parents who are overwhelmed with worry about when their precious bundles of joy will be strong enough to leave the NICU.


I donate money every month to two women. One I know, and one I do not. I usually venmo them either 50$ or 100$. Depending upon what I can afford. Both are moms and recently had babies just like I did. I feel like the situation was so difficult, but I had financial resources. I cannot imagine having a baby and not having financial support. This is why I venmo them.

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