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#RAKDavid: About Us

Why Random Acts of Kindness

In the wake of David's death, our family and so many others across Houston felt hopeless. David was a genuinely kind person who had a huge impact in the community he left behind. The world had one less light shining in it, and we wanted to find a way to bring his light back into the world. 

In discussing with each other and members of the community, we realized we needed hope again. As people post about buying food for those in need, volunteering their time for good causes, and reconnecting with distant friends and family, we see time and time again that David's light and kindness still exist in the world. Each of these acts of kindness help fill the David-sized hole left in his absence.

Though there are times the world seems dark, please know that light still exists. Also remember that you can be that light to someone else. You never know what the person sitting next to you is struggling with in their life. Choose kindness and help brighten the world.

Love >> Awkwardness

David, like many of us, often felt awkward. Several times, he shared feeling like he could never connect with people. He didn't know the right words to say. He would go to a social event and have a really hard time finding conversations to join. The voice in his head constantly told him he wasn't good enough.

One of the lessons his dad shared with him was that love >> awkwardness. Focus on doing something good for someone else. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. By finding ways to be kind to others, you brighten their day and overcome the negative self-talk that gets in your way. 


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