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Find resources for grief, ideas for kindness in your community, and information on justice using the links below.

Managing Grief and Trauma

Carson's Village

Organize your village and get support immediately after the death of a loved one.


For those dealing with PTSD, 22Zero is on a mission to help you restore your life.

Bo's Place

Find comfort after the loss of a loved one by connecting with others on a similar journey.

Columbus Recovery Center

Learn more about types of grief, grief and substance abuse, stages of grief, and more with this curated guide from The Recovery Village.

Image by Hannah Busing

Kindness in Your Community


Find volunteering opportunities in your community

Find RAK Ideas

The title says it all!

Resources: Get Involved


Crime Stoppers

If you see something, say something. Leave an anonymous tip to help prevent and solve crimes.

Harris County Bail Dashboard

Access this site to view Harris County bail and bond data including average bond amounts by court and demographics.

Harris County Index-Crimes Dashboard

Access this site to view data on Index-Crime trends in Harris County. Index-Crimes are Assault, Auto-Theft, Burglary, Larceny, Murder, Rape, and Robbery.

More Harris County Data Dashboards

Find many more dashboards and datasets including data on indigent defense, jail population, traffic stop demographics, and more.

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