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This page includes style information for the website. 

Text and Button Styles:

All non-title text is written using this theme (Paragraph 1). You should be able to edit paragraph styles for the whole site by editing this paragraph and clicking "Save Theme" on the top "Themes" section of the edit menu.

You can also change site colors by going to the "Site Design" > "Color and Text Theme" menu on the left.

Here are some button styles:

Small Button
Medium Button
Long Button
Small Button
Medium Button
Long Button

Page Styles:

Page headers are 660px tall. Underneath the page header, we have strips:

on white strip backgrounds,
use this blue for strip header text


Underneath headers, alternate white and "greenish" strips.

As you can see in this strip, there is one outside "container" strip and another strip with the same color background inside that. 

There is a 60px margin between the two strips.

Split the inside strip into two columns 50/50 and use one side for text and the other for an image.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
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